International Conference on High Performance Computing





You need to collect all files comprising a submission into a single archived file to be uploaded. Here are some pointers for the uninitiated:


For Unix System:

Archiving Files:

  1. Create a directory, say "hipcSubmission".
  2. Copy all the files to be submitted into "hipcSubmission".
  3. Archive using
    % tar -cvf hipctarfile.tar hipcSubmission.

You would have a new file named hipctarfile.tar. This new file would contain the entire contents of your hipcSubmission direcory, with all the directory structure and file atribute information intact.


Compressing Files: GNU Zip

If your tar file is too large, you may compress the file using the command “gzip hipctarfile.tar” creating the compressed file hipctartfile.tar.gz.

You may download GZip (1.2.4) utility from gzip-1.2.4.tar.



For Windows System:

Archiving and Compressing Files:

WinZip may be used to archive and compress multiple files into one single .zip file.
The following steps may be used.

  1. Install Winzip.
  2. Create a directory say, “hipcSubmission”.
  3. Copy all the files to be submitted into "hipcSubmission".
  4. Right click on the folder “hipcSubmission”.
  5. Select the option “Compress to hipcSubmission.zip” to create the file hipcSubmission.zip.

You may download WinZip from Winzip 8.1.