Dinesh Agarwal

My name is Dinesh Agarwal aka dinwal (first three letters of first name and last three letters of last name). I just graduated from Georgia State University. My area of interest is Parallel and Distributed Computing, both theory and practice. I am particularly interested in developing techniques to introduce parallelism at Cloud, multicore, manycore, and GPU platforms in a way that we can adroitly harness the power of these platforms. If parallel computing is a new word to you an analogy to it is McDonalds. People there work in parallel to serve your order. Those guys working there represent processors/resources in a system each of which takes care of a different individual task.

I had the pleasure to work with Dr. Prasad during my Ph.D. I am also a member of Dimos Lab@GaTech Campus.

I am interested in working on interesting problems including puzzles and trivia. If you are looking for a mathematical challenge, here is one for you: Mr. Jack Casino started trying his luck at poker every day since October 23rd 2005. He has two different locations to play poker, served by two different buses. Every afternoon he goes to the bus stop and rides the bus that comes first. At the last day of a month he realized that during that particular month he had visited place 1 almost 93% times. What day was it when he got this thought? Was it sheer luck that he went to that place or was there a reason which took him there so often?

You can contact me at dinwal[at]gmail[dot]com. If you landed up at this page without any intention it is not a bad idea to send me an email just even to say a simple "hi" and telling me what brought you here. 

I now dabble in startups and run a startup-as-a-service company called Pro Start Me. If you have a great idea for a tech-based startup or know someone who does, please share my link with them.

If you are a student, you may want to check out my new Startup Viny Books to buy and sell college textbooks.