The troll at the London Olympics

epic troll at london olympicsWhen Indian contingent was marching during the opening ceremony of London Olympics, there was an UWO (unidentified walking object) seen next to the flag bearer Sushil Kumar. No one knows who she was, what she wanted, and most importantly how did she get there. I was able to salvage a picture from Internet luckily and here it is.

The official contingent had men wearing Rajasthani turbans with blue Blazers and white trousers while women were donning a yellow Sari and blue Blazers. The mysterious lady was wearing a casual dress-a blue denim and a red zipper jacket. Sadly, the cameramen preferred to take the entire Indian team out of the spotlight and this has fumed the Indian team. 

This was an epic trolling done by someone where security is supposed to be too tight to gate-crash this party. Hats off to the lady for carrying this out but I wish the delegations from all around the world that they be safe. Let us hope some one with malicious intentions will not be able to get in.