Workshop oN SOLAR & STELLAR  AStronomy BIg DATA - IEEE BIG DATA - 12/13/2020

Workshop on Management, Search and Mining of Massive Repositories of Solar & Stellar Astronomy Data

The workshop will take place in conjunction with the IEEE International Conference on Big Data 2020

  • Where: While the originally IEEE Big Data 2020 was planned to take place in Atlanta, due to COVID-19 we will be conducting entire meeting online.
  • Publication: Proceedings, including all accepted SABID papers, will be made available at the beginning of the meeting, as for a regular (in person) IEEE conference.
  • When: December 13th, 2020.

This year our research lab is also organizing IEEE 2020 BigData Cup Challenge: Solar Flare Prediction from Time Series Data 2020. We would like to cordially invite you to particiate! :)

Top-3 teams from the BigData Cup Challenge will be invited to present their methods and results during our SABID'20 Workshop.