Yang Wang
  PhD Candidate, RA, Instructor
    Department of Computer Science

    Georgia State University
    Email:    ywang(at) cs.gsu.edu
    Office:    34 Peachtree Street, suite 2115, Atlanta, GA 30303


I am a PhD candidate and research assistant in the Department of Computer Science at Georgia State University. And I also teach classes since 2009. Before joining GSU, I obtained the M.E Degree from BUPT, China. 

My primary research interests are in the areas of Computer Networks, including network protocol design, network performance analysis, and network optimization. I am interested with applying mathmatical theories into the network research.

I am an enthusiastic teacher. My parents were both teachers. For me, there is nothing more important than seeing the improvments of my students and obtaining their respect.


At GSU, I am working on the following areas: Waveband Switching, OFDM-based Optical Networks, Optical Burst Switching, Scheduling, and Virutalization.  

I am currently on a short leave to the Research Innovation Center of FutureWei Technolgoy, located at Sillcon Valley, CA. Our team has a few research projects focusing on: Mobile Navigation, and Content Centric Networks.  

Selected Publications
  • Y. Wang and X. Cao, "Band-segment Protection in Multi-granular Optical Networks", IEEE Sarnoff Symposium, Princeton, Apr. 2009
  • Y. Wang and X. Cao, "A New Hierarchical Waveband Assignment Algorithm for Multi-granular Optical Networks", IEEE ICCCN, San Francisco, CA, Aug. 2009
  • Y. Wang and X. Cao, "Non-uniform Waveband Switching in Multi-granular Optical Networks", IEEE GLOBECOM, Honolulu, 2009
  • X. Cao, Y. Wang, and A. Caciula, "Developing a Multifunctional Network Laboratory for Teaching and Research", ACM SIGITE'09
  • Y.Wang, X.Cao, "Distributive Waveband Assignment in Multi-granular Optical Networks", IEEE IPDPS, Atlanta, GA, 2010
  • Y.Wang, X.Cao, "Adaptive Waveband Switching in WDM networks", IEEE/OSA OFC/NEOFC,2010
  • Y.Wang, X.Cao, "Multi-granular Waveband Assignment and Protection in WDM Networks", in IEEE Journal of Lightwave Technology, 2010
  • Y.Wang, X.Cao, Y. Pan, "A Study on the Routing and Spectrum Allocation in SLICE Networks",IEEE INFOCOM 2011
  • Y.Wang, X.Cao, "A Study on the Dynamic Waveband Switching in WDM networks", IEEE/OSA Journal of Optical Communications and Networking
  • Y.Wang, X.Cao, H. Q, "Routing and Spectrum Allocation in SLICE Networks", IEEE ICC, 2011
  • Y.Wang, X.Cao, "Wavelength Retuning in Optical Waveband Switching Networks", IEEE ICCCN, 2011
  • Y.Wang, X.Cao, "Multi-granular Optical Switching: A Classfied Overview for the Past and Future". IEEE Communications Surveys and Turtorials, 2011

Recent Honors and Awards

  • IEEE ICCCN Travel Grant 2011
  • Graduate Research Award 2010-2011
  • IEEE INFOCOM Travel Grant 2011
  • Graduate Research Award 2009-2010
  • IEEE IPDPS Travel Grant 2010
  • Best Poster Award on the Dep. Research Poster Day 2010

Teaching (2012)

Anticipated:  Algorithm Analysis and Design (The course materies are under preparation)

                      Computer Networks

Teaching (2011)

Spring 2011: Data Structures (CSc 3410)

Teaching (2010)

Spring 2010: Introduction to Computer Science (CSc 2010)

Teaching (2009)

Spring 2009: Computer and Application (CSc1010)